Dreaming of Goals

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I’m sure you’ve heard this old gem, “What would you like to be doing in five years? In ten?”  I’ve always hated that question for many reasons.  Why do I have to decide right now what I’m going to be doing at some predetermined time in the future? What if I decide to change my answer later?

Goal setting isn’t a task to be taken lightly, but is a task that should make you feel better about where you are headed.  It isn’t a map written in stone, but rather a guideline to help you find your way to a place where you want to be.  Let’s start with a quick activity:

List ten things that you would like to list as accomplishments if anything were possible and your resources are not limited.  Give yourself only five minutes to complete your list.  I’ll wait here for you until you are done.

Did you write down those accomplishments?  Go back and write them down on a nice piece of paper.  One that you can keep with you for a while.  Don’t write it on a sticky note that you will launder after you leave it in your pants pocket.

Let’s take a nice look at that list.  What really speaks to you on that list?  I want you to look at that list as you start your day and reflect upon it throughout the day.  We will talk more about that list next.

Happy dreaming!

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