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Vacation.  We all dream of a beautiful paradise where work is the furthest thought in our minds.  Maybe it’s a quiet beach, the bright lights of Las Vegas, or an adrenaline pumping round of extreme sports activities.

Does a vacation sound good to you?  Or are you thinking of a dozen reasons why now is not a good time for departing from your daily activities for a few days?  Everyone needs time away from the daily grind (if it’s a grind, you need to step away for a while).  Vacation provides us with a way to extract ourselves from the repetitive cycle and allows us to recharge, reflect, and reconnect.

Recharge yourself!  Stepping out of the day-to-day and stepping into a new environment can generate excitement and energy.  This is refreshing and allows for one to recognize and embrace new opportunities and change.

Reflect upon the possibilities.  This applies not only to work, but to the entire world around you.  Clearing out the noise that daily activities generate allows one to spend time enjoying the moment.  Being in the moment provides a rich experience from which creative processes are enhanced.  You can’t spark great ideas if your inner monologue is focused on ticking through a to-do list for the day!

Reconnecting with others and with the world around us gives us a firm sense of self and our importance in our contributions.  Escape tunnel vision and move toward seeing the big picture.

Make time to be on vacation.  Even if it’s just two or three days, disconnect from the day-to-day and find an interesting activity for a change of pace.  Recharge, reflect, and reconnect!

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