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Is your phone holding you back from peak productivity? Do you feel as if you cannot accomplish anything because of the constant interruption from your phone? Here are a few ways to boost your productivity without sacrificing accessibility.

Use a service such as Google Voice to filter your calls. By giving this number out (and not your cell or direct line), you can control and minimize interruptions. Using such a service enables me to send calls to a number that I choose at times that I designate and also provides a voice mail to e-mail transcription for times that I cannot answer but may need to know the nature of the call. When I must remain focused, I set my Google Voice number to go to voice mail and then I can respond to those voice mails at a time that I designate. I typically give this number out and only give out my direct line and cell numbers to those who will need to reach me in emergency situations. Google Voice also provides blocking of inbound calls by number. I’ve used this sparingly, but it is effective for those who continue to call after you’ve asked them to cease. Use your discretion wisely.

Do not rush to your phone for every phone call. Consider the matter at hand. If you are holding a conversation with someone, then your focus on the topic at hand is important. Silence the phone. If you are awaiting a call that must take priority, then excuse yourself from the conversation and take the call. Nothing is worse than trying to multitask with two disparate conversations. Not every phone call needs your immediate attention. Aunt Edna’s documentation of her day can wait until you have a free moment to give her a call. Conversely, the question about tomorrow afternoon’s meeting can wait until you finish your dinner with your loved ones.

Where are you spending your time? Are you current techniques getting you the results that you want? Implement the above strategies and you will be surprised at your increase in productivity.

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